Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's Sunday, and we're busy doing laundry, getting ready for a busy work week.  Thursday is a big day - my last infusion.  Wow, what a trip this has been.  I'm so ready for my chemo days to be behind me.  

I've been exposed to the flu, again.  Nolan's been sick since Thursday night.  He's feeling better but he still has a fever - 101 as of this afternoon.  And he's lost his voice.  Yesterday he could barely whisper but today, he can.  Tamiflu should help kick this flu out of his system faster. 

Thursday, Thanksgiving - 29 Palms.  We all had a blast!  The weather was amazing.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Mom and Dad did an amazing job with dinner!  Everyone was home.  Truly special.  All the cousins (minus Nolan b/c he was sick and Erik b/c he's 7) went to see New Moon on Friday night.  All the kids piled in one car and drove to Yucca Valley.  Sounds like fun was had!  

I normally take hundreds of pictures at Thanksgiving but this year, my 4gb CompactFlash card was acting up.  Once I re-formated the card, all was good.

I miss my family.  I vote we have another family reunion real soon.  Maybe March???  

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving - 29 Palms, Ca 2009

Left to Right: Barry (holding Zoe), Laura (holding Bella), Sarah (holding Bailey), Taylor, Mary, Erik, Craig, Mom, Jessica, Philip, Jeanette (holding Harley), Owen, Sarah, Owen, Dad, Tate, Jeff, Nolan, Nancy

Thanksgiving was Perfect!  Well, just about perfect. . . Nolan came down with the flu Thursday night . . . He's on Tamiflu now and is resting comfortably.  Poor kid.  

Dinner was the best ever.  Mom and Dad had a house full of family and friends.  The weather was perfect.  I'll post pictures later.  But here's a family shot we took up in the Joshua Tree "monument" yesterday.  The weather sure changed from mid 70's the day before to chilly 60 degrees.  

OK.  Gotta run.  I'll post more later.

Love, Nancy 

Monday, November 23, 2009

My thougths are filled with visions of my wellness.  My heart feels the freedom that healing brings to me and my body feels the tingle of perfect health!

Thanks Traci, this is a perfect affirmation and the timing of this could not be better.

Found this mantra on the internet:

Om, May all be happy. May all be healthy. 
May we all experience what is good and let no one suffer.

"I create the world that I live in. No one can create negativity or stress within you. Only you can do that by virtue of how you process your world." - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Sunday, November 22, 2009

My new favorite song - you & me - Dave Matthews Band

Had to make a Starbucks run this morning, was all out of my Pikes Peak.  I ordered my pumpkin spice latte, and Jeff's Eggnog latte plus my Pikes.  The barista then gave me a cd for spending over $15 (for a limited time, while supplies last).  Starbucks also contributed $1 to the Global Fund to help fight AIDS in Africa.  CD is called is All you need is LOVE.  Here's link to learn more information regarding Starbucks Love Project [RED]:

Playing for Change - All you need is love
U2 - I Believe in Father Christmas
Dave Matthews Band  You & Me (Acoustic)

Today will be fun.  One more soccer game.  Then I'm meeting Michelle B. downtown to experience the 3Day Walk closing ceremony at Petco Park.  This will be a first for me.  I know the energy will be healing and amazing.  Just what I (we) need.  <3  

Yesterday - Tate and I went to Cindy's memorial service.  She planned every single detail.  Cindy's faith and courage has inspired me from day one of her illness.  Cindy's Sacred Journey and her HUGE Circle of Friends has taught me a lot, opened my eyes wide.   We're so thankful to have been a part of Cindy's celebration of her life.  

Have a peaceful day.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  There is a lot to be thankful for. . .

Friday, November 20, 2009

Love this Affirmation!

"The final stage required for healing and optimal functioning of mind, body, and spirit involves releasing the power of the wound to control your life. True health and freedom requires forgiveness and letting go of the past." - Dr. Christiane Northrup

GET HEALTHY: Is Stress Damaging Your Health? Bring more wellness into your world.

 Click on title to read more:

Stress can actually lead to weight gain, high blood pressure, heart problems, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, headaches, and other illnesses and chronic health conditions.
  1. Get moving! That’s right—exercise is one of the best ways to reduce stress in your life. It relaxes muscles and eases tension.
  2. Meditate and breathe deeply. Spend a few minutes of quiet relaxation first thing in the morning and later in the day. Sit and close your eyes and focus on your breathing. This way, you’ll bookend your day on a stress-free note.
  3. Eat a stress-relieving diet. Take stress off your digestive system by eating at least 7 servings of fresh fruits and veggies daily; they are high in water content and easily digestible.
  4. Keep your body hydrated. Our bodies are 70% water; our cells are 70% water; our planet Earth is 70% water. That’s no coincidence. Each day, drink at least 7 glasses of purified water. A healthy body is a fully hydrated body.
  5. Catch plenty of Zzzs. Lack of sleep undermines your body’s ability to deal with stress. That’s why it’s important to get 7-8 hours of rest per night.
  6. Laugh a lot. Mollify stress with lots of laughter. It releases endorphins into the body that act as natural stress-beaters. It also helps relieve pain and counteracts fear, anger, and depression, all of which are linked to illness and stress.
  7. Be thankful—and reap the health benefits. Each and every day, take a moment and be grateful for all you have in life. Focusing on the positive, even during difficult times, is a wonderful way to reduce and alleviate stress and transform your life.

Susan Smith Jones, Ph.D., Susan enthusiastically shares her wisdom and expertise on simple ways to create vibrant health and live a balanced, peaceful life. Visit:
The 3Day starts today!  I'm in awe of all the supporters, survivors, and warriors that take part in this event.  So inspiring!  Sending pure love their way!!!!


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dr. Daniel Kopans slams the task force on CNN

Added On November 19, 2009

Dr. Daniel Kopans, a leading expert on mammograms, slams the task force that penned new guidelines.

Mammogram Debate - CNN story.

This Task Force Panel is ridiculous.  Seriously, she seems so heartless.  "Life years gain . . . is not very large". . . wow, she's an idiot.  I trust that all will be well.  This nonsense idea will be ignored.

"Fear patterns block healing, especially fears that are based on nonsense, superstitions, and irrationality." - Caroline Myss

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

We have great power to affect the attitudes and behavior of the people around us, at work and at home. We have the power to set a tone of honor, to create an energy around ourselves that says, "I respect myself. I respect you. Let's respect each other." - Marianne Williamson

Ethon Zohn's Real 'Survivor' Story

Hospital Employees Do Pink Glove Dance for Breast Cancer

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



You can reshape your thinking so that you never have to think in negatives again.  You and only you choose your thoughts.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Tuesday checkin & article

5:45am - 
Good morning.  Wow.  The fog is finally lifting!  Sunday night was my worse night so far.  Went to bed at 8pm and was up, wired but extremely tired at  . . . get this. . .  9:45pm.  So, every half hour or so, I'd check the clock.  That went on all night.  Yesterday, I caught up on some sleep.  Went to bed at 9:30pm and stayed a sleep until 5:30am!  YES!  I feel re-energized!  

New symptoms this time:  Muscles are really feeling the effects of the taxotere.  Shooting pains in my ribs, joints hurt, muscle fatigue and spasms.  By the 2nd week of December, I should be feeling MUCH better.  The taxotere will be moving on out, for good!

Huhn?  I just found this NY Times article . . .  And it's upsetting to say the least. . . this could be a huge step backwards. . .  

In Reversal, Panel Urges Mammograms at 50, Not 40

What the heck???  This news comes the same week I find out another local friend has breast cancer and another just might.  Pretty much the same age as me.  I can't imagine this recommendation from "an influential group" will change the protocol for mammograms.  If it does, I think all the pink wear'n people of America will stand up and fight, yet another battle.  Unless another, better, option other than Mammogram is offered, this is not going to fly.  As you know, my milk dud was not found on Mammogram but I know A LOT of women that had their lives saved w/ having a yearly screening.

The first paragraph of this article reads:  

Most women should start regular breast cancer screening at age 50, not 40, according to new guidelines released Monday by an influential group that provides guidance to doctors, insurance companies and policy makers.

"An influential group" is recommending this.  Real title:  The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF)

Please click on the link (title) above to read the article.    

There's another article, in opposition of this new proposed ridiculous protocol change.  

I'm speechless and pissed that this would even be considered.  

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday Checkin


What a day.  I'm deep in a chemo fog now.  Have not been able to sleep much.  Was up at 12am Friday morning.  Up this morning at 1:30am.  I'm really tired.  Ready to sleep.  Soon.  I will try again.  It's part of the process.  I'm in warrior mode.  I'll be feeling better soon.  I felt surges of healing energy today.  I feel your love.

Sweet dreams, have a peaceful night.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Dr. Christiane Northrup

"Each of us has within us a divine spark.  Our bodies are permeated and nourished by spiritual energy and guidance.  Having faith and trust in this reality is an important part of creating health.  Each of us has a guardian angel, but to benefit maximally, we have to ask for guidance and be open to receiving it."

Perfect timing for this affirmation.  R.I.P. Cindy.  Your strength and courage, from day one of your diagnosis, really inspired me and many others.  Love you!  Sending healing energy to your family and friends.  <3

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fifth Round - CHECK!

I finished my 5th round today around 2:30.  Long day, for sure.  But it was uneventful.  No surprises in the Chemo Cafe.  Grateful for that!  I hate surprises!  Smile.

Check out this hat!  I bought it this morning at my favorite store - TARGET!  I felt like I had my pony tails back - but in green!  I got so many complements today.  I'm not sure if they felt sorry for my taste in hats or they really liked the hat.  LOL!  I mean, this hat is not for everyone.  I love it.  I don't care if I look like a dork in it.  :-)  

Jeff was amazing.  I love that he's by my side during my chemo sessions, making me laugh, making the time go by quicker.  I love you Jeff!  My fantastic friend Michelle stopped by as well.  What a treat.  I love you girl!  Loved our visit!

Have a peaceful night.


Mitakuye Oyasin

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin....All my relations. I honor you in this circle of life with me today. I am grateful for this opportunity to acknowledge you in this prayer....To the Creator, for the ultimate gift of life, I thank you. To the mineral nation that has built and maintained my bones and all foundations of life experience, I thank you. To the plant nation that sustains my organs and body and gives me healing herbs for sickness, I thank you.To the animal nation that feeds me from your own flesh and offers your loyal companionship in this walk of life, I thank you.  To the human nation that shares my path as a soul upon the sacred wheel of Earthly life, I thank you.  To the Spirit nation that guides me invisibly through the ups and downs of life and for carrying the torch of light through the Ages. I thank you.  To the Four Winds of Change and Growth, I thank you.You are all my relations, my relatives, without whom I would not live. We are in the circle of life together, co-existing, co-dependent, co-creating our destiny. One, not more important than the other. One nation evolving from the other and yet each dependent upon the one above and the one below. All of us a part of the Great Mystery.  Thank you for this Life.

Mitakuye Oyasin is a Lakota Sioux prayer. The phrase translates as "all my relations." It is a prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life: other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and even rocks.

Praying for the Highfill's!  Love you Cindy - you are my Inspiration, My Courageous Friend.  My Scar Sister Warrior.

Card i pulled today.  very appropriate:

There are no accidents in an intelligent universe so all the dark times, accidents, illnesses, and broken dreams were part of your spiritual advancement.  Embrace them, understand them, accept them, honor them, and then transform them in your own way. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

Have a peaceful day.  


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Dr. Wayne Dryer

Affirm Your Good Health - During any moment in which you’re experiencing thoughts that make you feel sick or bad, do your best to change them to thoughts that support the idea of feeling good. Refuse to talk about disease, and work to activate thoughts that predict recovery and overall well-being. - Dr. Wayne Dyer

I've posted this affirmation before, I needed another reminder though.  

Have a peaceful day.  

Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday checkin

The angels say that we needlessly worry about our future, not realizing, as the angels put it, that "you are the master of your day." - Doreen Virtue

i love this one!  

OK, it's Sunday morning. . .I'm still feeling calm. . . with a little anticipation.  I know what to expect on Thursday.  Another date will be lined out.  I will be in the chemo fog for at least 6 days.  The timing of the 5th and 6th round is perfect.  I'll be able to enjoy Thanksgiving with my family.  Truly grateful for that!  I can't wait to see everyone!  Family and friends!

The weather is cooling down in San Diego.  Fall is for sure here.  I can't help but think about Stellan.  A brave little boy who's going to have surgery today.  I've been following his blog/story for a while now and today is a big day for him and his family.  Click on the title to learn more about Stellan. 

have a peaceful Sunday. 


Saturday, November 7, 2009

I know that every day is only a stepping stone on my pathway. - Louise Hay

U2 Rose Bowl Concert, 10/25/09 - you can still view it! Really cool! Click here.


Good morning!  Thursday, I'll have my 5th round.  I feel calm at the moment, mainly because I'm so close to completing my chemo journey!  

I pulled a card from my Dr. Wayne Dryer 10 Secrets for success and inner peace (thank you Lane!) and this particular card is name "The Fifth Secret, Live in the now"  and it reads:

Live ~ Practice enjoying the present moment rather than using it up consumed with guilt over the past or worry about the future.  Refuse to allow any thoughts based on your past to define you.  

I've seen this card before.  It's a great message.  I clearly needed a reminder. . .

Nolan has a soccer game at 9am this morning, I better get a move on!  Tate has a "bye" :-(.   

If you click on the title, you'll be linked to my favorite versions of ONE feat. Mary J. Blige.  Perfection.  

Enjoy your weekend and know this . . . I LOVE YOU!  


Friday, November 6, 2009

Dr. Christiane Northrup

What did you love to do when you were about ten years old?  Sometimes, if you've been talked out of who you are, you have to go back and ask a friend or relative.  Ask your mother, "what was I like?  What did I love to do at that age?"  The answer holds the key to your deepest fulfillment - Dr. Christiane Northrup

Thursday, November 5, 2009

It does not matter how slowly you go, as long as you do not stop.  ~Confucius

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Wow, Look at all these beautiful roses!  They came via FedEx from my friends at CWSL, Kathleen and Bob!  They are now spread around my house, in every room.  But I wanted to place them in one spot for this photo, so you can enjoy the beauty!  They have brighten my day so much.  

Thank you, Bob and Kathleen!  Thank you!!!!!

notice the pile of cards in this picture!  :-)  I'm saving and cherishing every single card!!

Love you all!  


Expand your reality to the point where you pursue what you love doing and excel at it. Involve yourself in high-energy levels of trust, optimism, appreciation, reverence, joy, and love when you engage in every activity in your life.
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Bend,  Don't Break, with the Wind.  The flexible survive and thrive.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our cells replace themselves daily, and we create a whole new body every seven years. Since consciousness creates our cells, we have the power to rejuvenate our body by choosing thoughts, relationships, and behaviors that support joy, freedom, and growth.

Dr. Christiane Northrup

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Energized on Halloween!

Thursday and Friday night I didn't sleep well.  Especially Friday night.  I woke up early Saturday morning and went to Target.  On my way there, I was totally energized when I was waiting at a Red light and I saw a group of pink wear'n people.  Men and women.  One of the guys was wearing Pink Wings!  They crossed in front of me and I could not help but SMILE!  They all waved at me with their  THUMBS UP and they cheered for me!  Wow.  That was so cool!  I looked at myself in my rear-view mirror and noticed I was wearing a pink beanie, which I normally only wear around the house.  I guess it was obvious to them that I was in warrior mode.  So, the rest of my day was perfect.  Tate and Nolan had great soccer games.  We went to Granny's to have dinner and trick or treat with some cousins and friends, then Nolan and I went home to help Jeff pass out candy to the kids.  Nolan was in a melancholy mood.  He said he was too tired to trick or treat with some of his best buddies.  I think he might have been worried about me.  While trick or treating around granny's neighborhood, I became light headed and fatigued.  Nothing that a rest wouldn't fix, which it did.  I just knew that I was done walking around for the night.  Next Halloween will be even better!  For all of us!  Tate went out with a group of kids - I think we're set on candy for a long time.  He had a great time.

Today, November 1, 2009:  I can officially say "next month, I'll be finished with CHEMO!"  That puts a serious spring in my step!  I want to put up Christmas decorations NOW, b/c that's another indicator my chemo days are numbered.  But I will wait.  After Thanksgiving though, they're going up.  

Nolan has a baseball game at 2:15.  Looking forward to that!  Then it's the Phillies turn to WIN!  Come on Phillies!  You can do it!  GO PHILLIES!!!!