Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Michelle Nicastro - RIP

I just learned that Michelle Nicastro passed away this week.  After learning of her death, I searched Google wanting to know more about her story.  Turns out that she had a lumpectomy when she was 40.  Was told it was pre-cancer.  3 years later she had pain in her back.  That's when she learned she had Stage 5 Breast Cancer.  Her courage and strength made an impact on me.  Click on the title to learn more about Michelle and her story.

I'm doing well.  I have a new oncologist.  This is my 4th oncologist, in case you're keeping count . . . He wants to see me every three months.  He ordered a Bone Scan and CA27 29 (tumor marker blood test).  Both came back normal/negative!  I'll see him again in January, 2011, at which time I guess he'll decide it would be alright if I go in every six months.  Either way, I think this new oncologist is a good fit for me.  If I can just get use to his really dry sense of humor.  Smile.

My hair is continuing to grow.  Not as fast I had hoped . . . . I'm grateful for what I have though.  Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Can you believe it?  Seriously, October flew by!  The boys are doing well in school.   Both started new schools this year which was an adjustment.  Tate is running cross country and playing soccer.  Nolan is playing soccer.  Fun times.

Gotta run.  I'll try to write again soon.  Don't forget to do your monthly self exams!  Love your boobies!

Check out this really cool vlog from Kris Carr - really cool message.