Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My new favorite blog!

Click on the title if you want to check out an amazing story of courage.  Jen Griffin is a true warrior.  Jamie from work told me about her recent return to Kabul.  So I just had to Google her name.  Real glad to have found her blog.  What an inspiration!

San Diego is heating up this week.  Love the HEAT!  School starts soon for my boys.  They had a fun couple of days with their Grandpa and Aunt Wendy at Universal Studios.  They came home pretty late last night so I've not had a chance to hear all about it yet.  But the looks on their faces when they got home last night was classic.  They looked so happy as they said "we had so much fun!".  Thank you Gaga and Wendy!

Me and the boys spent the weekend up in 29 Palms a couple weeks ago.  What a fantastic weekend.  Owen and his family came up as well.  And we brought up my Nephew - Phil.  Here's a picture I took as we were getting ready to leave.  Just took one shot and it turned out great.
from left to right:  Phil and Brewski, Nolan, Me, Owie, Poppy, Nana, Owen, Tate, Jeanette and Harley.

The weather was perfect.  It had been since Thanksgiving since we were up in 29.  Catching up with everyone, enjoying the most amazing night sky was just what I needed.  Now, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  That's when my entire family will be home!  Counting the days!

If it weren't for this nagging summer cold, I'd be feeling really well.  My hair is growing back in nicely.  My knee hurts only when I bend it all the way.  An MRI confirmed I have a torn meniscus.  I think this injury occurred when my car door closed on my leg while I was leaning inside my car.  ouch.  Plan to have surgery in December.  

Soccer starts this weekend for Tate's team!  And Nolan's the weekend after!  LOVE SOCCER!

Celebrate every relationship you have ever had. For better or worse, our relationships are our best teachers. And on a soul level, we've attracted each and every one of them so we can learn and grow. - Dr. Christiane Northrup

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"You must decide to stay in the feeling of love, prosperity, wellness, or whatever you desire, and let that feeling just flow through you. And remember that you get what you think about, whether you want it or not." - Dr. Wayne Dyer