Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Aspirin a Day. . .

Well, this is encouraging news.  Warriors who completed treatment for early-stage breast cancer and who took aspirin had a nearly 50 percent lower risk of breast cancer recurrence!  I'll discuss this latest study with my oncologist next month.  Click on the title to learn more. :-)

I'm feeling stronger every day.  My skin is pretty much healed.  My hair is growing, but not fast enough, smile.  I'm still wearing hats.  Speaking of hats!  My friend and neighbor, Michelle T. surprised me a couple of weeks ago when she stopped by with some really cute hats and an infinity scarf!  They are super cool. And last week, Julie A. stopped by with the coolest hat!  Oh, I can totally see myself wearing this adorable hat while watching the boys play soccer and baseball!  Thank you, Michelle and Julie! 

A few weeks ago, I went to Dream Dinners (thank you CSC U13 for the gift certificate!).  I spent an hour or so preparing yummy meals for my family.  I enjoyed this experience so much.   http://dreamdinners.com/  Everything I prepared that day was a huge hit come dinner time!  I'm going back this month to make more meals!  

My white blood cell count was at 2.8 last week.  Normal low is 4.  My blood will be rechecked this Friday and I expect it will be in the 4 range.  Doctors think the low WBC is due to chemo and radiation.  Makes sense.  The good news:  I'm not sick, no infection.  My knee pain is subsiding now that the rain (low pressure) is moving out.  Hallelujah!!!!!