Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Doctors Appointment went well

So well, in fact, my doctor doesn't want to see for 6 months!  Instead of every 3 months!  Good news, I think. 

The blood test (tumor marker) results showed no sign of tumor cells - I'm in normal range!!!  Oh, and it's called CA 27-29

My youngest has been sick with a virus for a week now.  I took him in on Sunday b/c his fever came back.  Doctor said his chest sounded clear and ears looked fine.  He suggested we come back on Tuesday if the fever is still present.  Well.  Tuesday morning he woke up with terrible ear pain.  Cough still bad.  Low grade fever.  Off to KP.  They saw us early (9:30).  Nolan started to experiance chest pain prior to his appointment so we arrived a little bit early.  Dr. could not get a clear picture of Nolan's ears so they tried to flush them out.  With no luck.  I found that odd b/c the urgent care doctor we saw on Sunday said his ears looked fine.  What could cause this much obstruction?  We were then sent down for a chest xray.  That's when we learned that Nolan had Walking Pneumonia.  He's now on a powerful antibiotic and should be feeling better any day now.  He's been fever free for 24 hours now so he should be able to return to school tomorrow.  Yes.  He's been out for 5 days.  Poor kid.

Here's a picture of his Xray. 

Update:  Took Nolan back to the doctors on Thursday, 5/12/11 and the pneumonia had not improved.  It actually got worse.  With the fever present and cough, it was decided that he be admitted to have an IV w/ antibiotics.  That did the trick.  He was admitted Thursday afternoon and was home by Friday afternoon.  Today, he's feeling so much better.  No more fever.  Just a slight cough.  His hearing is almost back to normal as well.  So happy to see my boy feeling better. 

Here's a picture of his 2nd xray:



Rachelle said...

So glad he is feeling better! How scary! Austin has been sick the last two weeks. It sucks when our little ones are sick. :( Glad to hear your test results were GREAT and that you are doing well Nancy!! XO - hugs!!

Phil said...

Hi Nancy. It's great that all your hard work is paying off and that you're doing better. I'm very happy for you and your family. Keep it up! :)