Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy New Year! 2011

I am feeling well and very excited for the new year!  2011 is going to be an even better year!  I have some goals in mind for myself.  After seeing Christi Brinkley on TV the other day, looking like she's in her 30's and hearing my boys say "wow!  she's 57?"  It's time.  I can loose those extra pounds I've put on the past couple of years.  So, where to start?  Tomorrow is the day.  I'm a little afraid (not really).  My friend Stacey is going to be my PT for a little bit, get me on track.  Michelle and I are very excited to get our "core" worked on.  It's about time for me.  I want that buzz/energy/drive you get when you want to work out.  It's going to take some time, but I'll get there.  Christine - call me soon and we'll walk the lake or hike the mountain.  No more excuses from me!  :-)

We had a lovely Christmas.  Spent Christmas eve and day at Jeff's parent's house with his family.  I loved every minute.  Jeff and the boys spoiled me with a pair of UGG boots!  yes!  I've been wanting a pair ever since I tried on Jeanette's at Thanksgiving.  Seriously, I'm not not sure why it took me so long to realized such a good thing.  Mom and dad came down the day after Christmas for a quick visit.  We spend a couple hours at the mall and then we went out to dinner.  Besides being a short visit, it was perfect in every other way.  I love you mom and dad!  Thanks for your love and support!!!!

Everyday, I'm grateful for my family, for my friends, for the house we live in, for the job I have.  I wish that 2011 brings everlasting glow of happiness to us all!  Enjoy your new year, to the fullest!  I plan to.  

"Take time to make a list of all of the aspects of your life that are working and another list of all the aspects that need to change.  Ask the Devine guidance to change the things that you are willing to change now.  Then take action."  Christiane Northrup

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Phil said...

Hi Nancy, and a very Happy New Year to you too! San Diego's favorite local rock band SWITCHFOOT will be appearing at the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival on Saturday February 26th @ 8:00 pm in Indio. The concert is included in the price of Fair admission which is only $7.00 for adults. Hope to see you and your family there!
*God bless you Milk Dud Warrior. :)