Friday, July 9, 2010

Checking in

Nolan's All-Star team came in 2nd place!  That was a fun ride!  The boys should be very proud.  We Are!  SC!  We Are!  SC!  SC!  WE ARE!  Now, on to Soccer!

Tate is enjoying running with his high school cross country team.  Plus soccer is keeping the kid really busy!

We had an amazing 4th of July!  So much fun.  We joined in on a neighborhood bike parade which reminded me so much of being a kid.  We decorated our bikes, had patriotic music on full blast.  GOOD MEMORIES made that day! 

Going to see Mom and Dad this weekend along with Mary and her family and Owen and his!  YES!  Can't wait!  I wish Sarah and her family could make it out. . . 

Will post pictures from this weekend real soon.


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