Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One year has past . . .

Yesterday, June 1st, was a pretty special day.  Although I'm glad to have it behind me.  I've decided, I will celebrate this day in 5 year increments from now on.  So, June 1, 2014 - I will celebrate again.  Have a milk-dud party!  I'll post a picture later of a really clever gift my boss gave me.  She's so thoughtful.  I played the movie in my head, over and over again, receiving the call June 1, 2009 and completely freaking out learning I had BC.  Good things came out of my diagnosis.  I learned how strong I am inside.  I never knew that about myself.  sounds strange, but true.  Jeff was my rock.  He stood by me, with encouragement and love.  As well as my family.  And my friends!  I felt so much love all around me, all the time.  

While I was at work yesterday, I received a call from KP.  Ironically, they want to schedule a sonogram of my "chest wall".  My primary dr. ordered this.  I'm guessing this is protocol.  My appointment is Thursday, 6/3 at 8:30am.  I'm also having my left knee MRI'd June 17th.  It doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it did but I still can't bend it all the way which makes it difficult to do yoga!  smile.  I received a vmail message from Angela, my support angle from KP.  She said "just heard FireFlies (song) and thought of you, hope you're doing well"  I called her back asking if she had it on her calendar to call me on the 1 year mark and she said no.  That's the universe working, I tell you!  Angela called me June 1, 2009, late in the afternoon and gave me some pretty amazing support and advice. 

Life is unpredictable.  Living it to the fullest is what matters.  No shoulda, woulda, coulda's.  

My "number 1 son", Tate, is having a ton of fun on his East Coast trip.  Today, they're heading to Philly!  Lucky kid.  he'll be home on Saturday night, late. . .  Can't wait to hear all about his trip, in depth.  We talk every night.  He sounds all grown up.  smile.  

Peggy, you have amazing strength!  I know I've not seen you in for ever, but I do remember you and your contagious energy.  Stay strong.  Stay present.  Kick some cancer ass, girl!  

Ok.  gotta go.  I'll post a picture later tonight.


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