Friday, February 12, 2010

Calling all Warriors!

Bang the drum. Paint your face. Run. Walk. Fight for the cure.
Ford and your Ford dealer are recruiting Warriors to help ramp up the fight against breast cancer. Ford Warriors in Pink can be found at the Komen Race for the Cure® events as always, only now they will arrive as a united front, as one in Warrior gear.

Learn about the special meaning behind the Warriors in Pink symbols or read the published articles about these strong individuals all across America below.

Jolie gave me the coolest tshirt!  It has the Warrior symbol on it.  I LOVE it! 
The Warriors ~ Represent the powerful and the courageous that fight against breast cancer. I know many amazing Warriors!
My tshirt has Doves which represents the wish for a quiet peace during the heat of battle and Hearts which represents those who stand strong with loved ones who battle the disease. 
I'm wearing my new T proudly.  Huge message in a small shirt.  LOVE IT!

It's Friday!  Long weekend ahead of us!  Looking forward to that!  After my 12:40 RAD appointment today, I'll only have ONE RAD LEFT!  Can you believe it? Oh my!  Time to celebrate!  I'm now using a cream that my dr. prescribed.  It's 1% Silver Sulfadiazine Cream.  It stopped the pain, instantly.  Seriously.  Monday this week, I was in so much pain which actually had brought me to tears; not very Milk-Dud-Warrior-Like.  But then, after my 12:30 RAD appointment - I applied the Silver cream miracle ointment and the pain stopped, just like that.  I also will start using Jean's Cream, as soon as I receive.  Thank you Jacki
Valentine's Day weekend – Hope you all plan to do something extra special on Sunday. Me and a few other moms are taking our 11 year olds to see the Tooth Fairy.  Should be fun!

Dark chocolate & Red Wine – the New Chemotherapy? huh?  Jacki found this article that I just had to share. Studies are funny. One day experts say "if you drink wine you may increase your risk of recurrence by 30%" then the next day an article like this surfaces. It's all about moderation. Smile.  Do what feels right.  Don't have regrets.  Live, at peace.


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