Friday, June 22, 2012

Saw this story on CNN and just had to share. 

I can totally relate to this woman.  We have a lot in common.  However, I'm not interested in going topless at the local pool.  I would feel to exposed.  But that's just me.  When I had my bi-lateral mastectomy 3 years ago, my surgeon said, more than once, that I would have the chest of a teenage boy.  It's true.  My scars are fading.  I'll have reconstruction.  Someday.  There's a new procedure, Stem Cell Theraphy breast reconstruction which sounds like the thing for me.  I'll ask KP if they're doing this procedure yet.

I started a new breast cancer treatment this week.  It's called Arimedex.  It's similar (but far more superior) to Tamoxifen.  I've been on Tamoxifen for 2.5 years.  I tolerated it really well.  This new drug has some possible risks like bone fractures but I'll take that over recurrence!  Here's an article about Tamoxifen and Arimedex.
The new drug sounds righteous.  Perfect for me.  I'll have a bone density test next week, just for a marker.  I expect good results.


Dianne Duffy said...

I can totally relate too! I have yet to be able to find even a tank to I can wear. For the first year after cancer all I could wear is silk. Then I graduated to fleece and sueded cotton. Everything else is still off limits. I wear a men's rash guard shirt when swimming. I can't wear a women's swimsuit top at all. Not even with heavy pain killers.

I wish I could talk to her, I've never encountered anyone with the same difficulties I have had since surgery.

Thanks for sharing.

Dianne Duffy

jntnfamily said...

Hi Dianne, That's a great idea wearing a rash guard. I was wearing bikini tops but was constantly adjusting it. Enjoy your summer!